Poptropica Game Cheats

Games are a fun addition to Poptropica. You can play single player games and multiplayer games. In order to play multiplayer games with friends, you will need to create a multiverse room. If you are new to Poptropica, you will need to get the Multiverse Gold Card from the Poptropica Store. Here is how to do that:

1. Once you’re logged in, click on the Store button in the top right corner.
2. Under the Gold Cards section, find the Multiverse card. It should be the fourth one to the right.
3. When you get the item, it will be stored in your Store Items.

Access and create multiverse rooms using this card. Use it by going to Items and clicking on the card. Press the Create button, and you will now have the option to join a friend’s room or make your own. When somebody creates a multiverse room, the room is given a code. Send the code to a friend and have them join. From there, you can battle each other in Poptropica games by clicking on their player, and clicking the Battle button.

You can battle a friend in 9 different games! Here are all of the Poptropica Cheats for games.

Pathwise Cheats

This is a strategic game that requires you to make a path from one end to the other. You make paths by clicking on blocks. Your goal is to make a path from your end, to the other end with the matching climate. For example, if your player starts near water, you will click the blocks that lead towards the water end. Defending your opponent’s end is important too.

You don’t want your opponent getting to the other end before you! Click on blocks to cut off his path, and make room for yours at the same time. This will guarantee an easy win for you.

Soupwords Cheats

This game is actually very easy to learn, and also very self-explanatory. When the game starts, it is important to get a head start! You have a certain amount of time to create words with the letters given to you in the bowl of soup. Words can be created by clicking on the letters of the word in order. Your goal is to create the most amount of words with the letters given before the time runs out. Make sure that you keep an eye out on your opponent. Look at the number of words that they have created.

Once you have practiced this game enough, you will become familiar with the letters that they give you. This will be a huge advantage, because you can easily create words faster if you remember ones that you have used in the past.

Balloons Cheats

I am sure that a lot of you will already have a good understand about this game if you enjoy other types of games. To win this game, be the first player to connect four of your colored balloons either diagonally, horizontally, or vertically. This is a lot like the game Connect Four, except with this version, you use balloons that go upwards.

Just like the regular version of this game, you will need to block your opponent’s balloons from connection four together. The easiest way to win at this game is to try and get a diagonal connection.

Star Link Cheats

This game will require some thought while you are playing it. It is very strategic and you must watch every move. Your goal is to link more boxes than your opponent. You can link boxes by clicking on the lines that are on the board. You can also complete boxes that your opponent has not finished. A good strategy is to link your opponent’s boxes, but make sure that he/she can’t link yours!

For example, don’t make obvious moves that will let your opponent line the boxes that you have created. Keep track in your head which lines will let you link boxes on your turn.

Paint War Cheats

For this game, you use a paint gun to splatter the bubbles on your screen. To shoot the paint gun, aim it by dragging it towards a bubble. Then fire it by holding the Fire button. It is highly recommended to hold the Fire button and let it shoot automatically. This is because the paint gun will be much more accurate, and will go in the exact direction that you aim it at. To win this game, you need to pop the most bubbles.

A strategy for this game is to have accurate aim. You can’t afford to miss a shot if it takes a few seconds for the gun to Fire its best!

Sky Dive Cheats

This game requires a lot of speed from the start. You will have to click to jump off of the cloud once the counter reaches 0. Try to be the first to jump off of the cloud! This can be very important, because to win this game, you will need to be the first to make it to the ground without hitting it too hard. Once you are close to the ground, you will have to click to open up your parachute.

It takes almost a whole second to open up the parachute, so don’t open it up too late! Try practicing and remember a spot that is the best to click at.

Hoops Cheats

This is another self explanatory game that can be very easy if you understand how it works. Just like regular basketball, you are trying to get the ball in the net. To shoot the ball, you need to aim by moving your mouse in the direction of the net. You also need to move the distance of the basketball. This will take a good amount of practice at first, but when you get familiar with the hoops, you will get a lot better.

Remember that the hoops will move up or down after you make a shot in the net. To win this game, be the first player to make all of the shots in the net!

Those are all of the cheats for the Poptropica Multiverse games. If you would like to add something to this page, leave a comment with your own game advice, and we will put it on here! Also, let us know if this guide has helped you with these Poptropica games.

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