Poptropica Cheats for Reality TV Island

Have you ever wanted to be the star of a reality TV show? Well, now’s your chance! Duke it out with your fellow contestants and avoid elimination to win the show’s grand prize and become a hero to your hometown in the online virtual world, Reality TV Island

To start off this Reality TV Island, you have to open up your map and go to the island. When it has loaded, go to the right of the island, and go into the store ‘ TV World ‘. When you get into the store, go up to the top floor and speak with the person with the white and black sailor shirt. He’ll tell you to flick through the channels on that TV screen to the right of that person. While you are flicking across the channels, there should be a screen saying ‘Send your Application To 123 Star Avenue, Hollywood.

You should now go out of the store and go to the left. You should now approach ‘Mikes Market’. Go into this store. When you finally get into the store, go to the right and head towards the ‘Fresh Donuts’ stand. There should be a person standing saying ‘Reality TV Island is on in less than 24 hours, I gotta go!’ He then leaves and accidentally drops a Tabloid on the ground.  Now click examine, then go to your ‘Items’ on the top right of the screen. Now read this tabloid, and go to page where the ‘Reality TV Island’ application is and examine that page.

Now go outside of the market, and go to the far left of the island. You should now reach the ‘Motel Office’ . Open that door and go in. Now go to the far right of the room and pick up the ‘Cheap Pen’ which is on the mans desk and examine it. Now open your items and get out the Tabloid and go to the page with the ‘Pizza Advertisement’ at the bottom right of the page. Now, close the tabloid and there should be a cell phone on the desk and click the numbers ’555-7383′. Now click ‘Call’. Now order a small Plain Pizza, and have it delivered to the ‘Motel Room 4B’.

Now go outside of the Motel Room, and there outside the house, should be a Pizza delivery man/woman. Take the pizza off of her, and go and take it to the ‘Motel Room 4B’ which is directly above the other Motel Room. They will now let you enter the room, go inside of it. Go to the far right of the room, and there should be a man with Black hair. He’ll now speak to you. When it tells you to respond, respond saying ‘I could really use that Grand Prize’.  He’ll now reply saying ‘Money and fame aren’t all they’re cracked up to be, but if you really want to do this, use this stamp to mail your application’. He should now give you his stamp.

Now open it up in items and click ‘Use’. Now go back to your items and click on the application and write whatever you’d like. Now go out of the Motel and go as far right as possible. When you reach ‘TV World’ go abit further then that, and there should be a letter box. Put your application in there. It should now say ‘The Next Day’ and it’ll load, the next day. You’ll now be just at the far left of teh Motel. You’ll see a helicopter and your person should say ‘I Can’t believe it, I made it, I’m on the show!’. Now go to the top of the Motel and onto the roof. There is where the helicopter is located.

Speak to the man just to the right of the helicopter. He should tell you everything about it and he’ll congratulate you. Now, you can go inside the helicopter and start the show. Now begin today’s challenge. The aim of the first game is to be the last person standing on one of the ledges.  Now it’ll be the second challenge. This one is all about clicking as fast as you can to get to the finish line, as you’ve got to push the rock. Now, go to the next day. this’ll be called the ‘Coconut Catch’. You have to be the first player to catch twenty coconuts.. but beware, there are bombs!

You’ll now have your first eviction, If you did well in the other tasks, you’ll be safe and go to day 4. This game today is called ‘Shuffle Board’. The aim of it, is to click and drag the puck and then release it into a target to get the best score. There will be many rounds. We then move on to Day 5′s challenge. This one is called ‘Shot Put’ and the aim of the game is to throw your rock the furthest. You can select your power and angle. I would say the best angle is 45%. Now lets go onto ‘Day 6′. This challenge is called ‘Water Run’ and you have to be the first to fill your large jug by collection water from the waterfall, but remember, watch out for the boar as it’ll try to make you spill your water!

You’ll now have your second eviction, this one will send out quite a few people. These people will now leave this camp. You’ll now be heading up for the final, as there is only two of you left. This final challenge will be called ‘Pole Climb’. It’s very simple for the objective, all you have to do is reach the top before your opponent but object will be fired at you, so move to poll, to poll by moving right or left. When you have won this, a huge board sign will come up saying ‘REALITY TV CONGRATULATIONS’ with a notice on the board and confetti around it. When you have read the message, you should now click ‘Return Home’. You’ll now be back at the roof top of the Motel and you will speak to the man on the right of the helicopter. He’ll congratulate you and will give you a medallion and 100 Poptropica credits.

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