Poptropica Cheats for Mystery Train Island

How do you solve a mystery when everyone is a suspect? It’s 1893, and some of the world’s brightest minds are traveling by train to the World’s Fair in Chicago. But after a dastardly crime puts the fate of the Fair in peril, only you can piece together the clues and collar the criminal. All aboard for a whodunit that will keep you guessing until the last twist of the tracks!

To start off this ‘Mystery Train Island’, you have to open up your map and go to the island. When it has loaded, go to the right and speak to lady. When she has spoken to you, she’ll tell you something about Chicago, etc. Now go to the left until you reach an old, cranky man with some suitcases. Ask him if he needs any help, he should respond saying he does need help, and that he needs to put his luggage on the train and say’s he’ll do anything for you, if you do this. You should now be in a game, like, feature where you’ll have to move some luggage around to get the right position. When you have done this, click the wooden plank on the floor, just before the cases. The wooden plank should now, fly up in the air, then come back down and make a bridge. Now pull the main suitcase up that bridge. When you have finally completed this task, he’ll say to you ‘How would you like to come to Chicago with me? I’m sure I could use your assistance again’. You’ll now be given a train ticket. It’ll go straight into your items box. You should now follow him until you reach the train. You should now, join the train.

When you have finally boarded the train, you should now go as far as you can left, until you reach the person who gave you your ticket. (In our case, the old, cranky man) When you go up to him, say ‘that sounds spectacular, why are you worried?’. He’ll now reply saying that the wheel isn’t working, he’ll now give you a telegram. Now go as far as you can left, until you reach another person. You’ll Start speaking to him about how this fair sounds are unbelievable. He’ll reply saying Nothing is unbelievable, it is about the essence of Science. Now go into the door on the left. When you have finally entered the door on the left, go right and speak to the woman. She’ll start speaking to you about the fair, and how so many people will be there to see her pamphlet. She’ll now give you a pamphlet, put this in your items box, now exit and go left, down the hallway until you reach a man with a beard, ask him ‘Aren’t you afraid the wheel will make you look bad?’ He should now respond saying ‘ No, No! All great creations should inspire to even greater heights!’.

Now go left and enter the first room that you’ll approach. When you get into the room, speak to the man with glasses, and ask him if he is excited for the fair, he’ll reply saying ‘Of course, they’re saying it’s magical!’ Now exit, and go left. go through two carriages.  Speak to the man that you first see, who is grumbling.. The reason he is grumbling is because that he wants the fair to be held in New York, not in Chicago. Now enter the door on the left of him. Now go to the far left of the room, and speak to the old man. He is rather sick, as he gets train sick. Now exit the room.

When you have finally exit the room, go left and pick up the pencil on the luggage closest to you when you go left, then enter the door on the far left, just before you go to the next carriage. This room should be all, ‘French’ like, as it has a poster of the French flag, a model of the Eiffel Tower and more French items. She’ll be speaking about how amazing the French fair is. She will then give you a new letter about the French fair, it will now go into your Items box. You can also examine it when you need to. Now exit the room, and go to the room on the right of the room you just came out off. When it has loaded a film person should be in there. He’ll then go away, and you’ll get a birds eye view on the train moving. You’ll now not be able to see anything, and your screen should go blank. Then the screen should go back to normal, but you’ll realize that the camera has been taken! You’ll now have to prove to everyone that you aren’t the criminal. You can only make everyone know you aren’t a criminal by catching the thief. Now click on the owner of the camera, and click the clue. One of the people there now blames ‘Edison’ for stealing it. Now go back to his room which is just on the right when you leave the room, just a bit down the corridor.  Edison will now be on the right, when you get in the room. Click him, and then a tool bar will come up at the bottom. Now click his head, which should be on the tool bar. You’ll then ask him a question that has stuff to do with a secret compartment. He’ll reply saying that this is nonsense and say that he hasn’t got a secret compartment.. You’ll then reply saying ‘Then you wont mind if I have a look round your room then?’. He’ll reply, saying ‘Of….Of course not! I’ve got nothing to hide.’ Now click on the wall, just where you guys are standing. Click the top left one and go round, clockwise. You’ll then find his manuscript, which is to do with his book that he is making.

The train has now stopped, you will now be out of the train and some investigators, and cops will be there, assessing the train. Now speak to the man with the sand colored hat. He’ll say he heard someone pass his cabin, running. Now the cop should tell you to aboard the train again. Now go left and speak to the coal man. He’ll say he has nothing to do with the investigation, so now leave and go on further left. Now go to ‘George Ferris’ and he’ll say that he honestly doesn’t care at this moment, and he has problems of his own. Now go further and speak to the owner of this train journey, Gustave Eiffel. He’ll say that he thinks that it is Teslas Quelle. But she said that she stayed in her cabin the whole time. Now continue on right, down the hallway and stop till you reach your first door. Speak to Erik Weisz now, and ask him about the camera. He’ll reply, as if he is satisfied, and sarcastic. Now go left past two carriages were you’ll find the man with the cream hat. He’ll then ask if you found the device in Twain’s cabin, but we didn’t. Now exit that room, and go left. You’ll then start to smell a pruney smell, this will be coming from the door closest to man you just spoke to. You’ll now get a Prune Juice item added to your box. Now go back to the man you just spoke to and give him the ‘Prune’ juice evidence.

Now enter the door which is on the left of that man. Now go left in that room, and there should be Mark Twain. Give him the Prune evidence and he’ll reply saying that the item is not good for him and his sickness. Now exit the room and go left, down the hallway and enter the closest door, where you found the ‘Prune’ juice. You’ll now see the Camera man there again, give him the ‘Prune’ juice evidence and he’ll say that the juice cam from the Coal Car. Now exit that room, and go to the room on the left of it. Now give Le Monde Reporter the evidence (Prune Juice). She’ll explain to you how that juice is only found in the Dinning car. Now exit and go left into the Dinning room. There, you should see Susan B. Anthony. Give her the evidence and she’ll say how she loves Prune juice, but she hasn’t had any yet on this trip. Now go as far as you can left, and you’ll see the train man, speak to him and give him the evidence, but he said ‘I can’t tell you what our passengers ordered, It’s confidential!’ he then throws the order sheet out of the train. Now click the note pad and add it to your Items box. Now open your note pad, and get your pencil. Now shake your pencil over the note pad. A notice should come up. Nikola Tesla was the person who ordered Prune Juice. Now go right, and speak to Susan B. Anthony and ask to speak to Nikola Tesla as there maybe a clue in his luggage. She’ll now give you an item. Now find Nikola, in the French room, Nikola will then say that she has a bad taste.

Now exit the room and go down the hallway to the next, upcoming door. Enter that door, and speak to Mark Twain. Give him the evidence and he’ll reply that ‘Tesla Got her Pron juice already? then why am I still waiting for my carbonate of soda?’ Now close the conversation, and exit the room. Now go into the Luggage carriage and click on the luggage with hand prints on it. You’ll now be given and item, scissors. Now go to the right carriage and speak to man with the beard, Gustave Eiffel. He says, ‘If Tesla wont talk to you himself,  then perhaps you could look through her luggage to see for more evidence.’

Now go further right, and go though to the next carriage, Here should be ‘George Ferris’. He should say that you should try the ‘Coal’ man. Show the Coal man the luggage box with hand prints on it, and he’ll respond saying ‘Okay, Okay! I did leave to get a snack, that’s when the train stopped! But I didn’t go near the luggage, You can ask the porter!’ You’ll now be given an evidence. Now go left and speak to ‘Gustave Eiffel’ and give him the evidence you were just given. He says that he didn’t see the coal man come through the carriage, Maybe he took a different route. Now continue going left, until you reach the closest door. Speak to Erik Weisz. He says that the Porter should have known if the coal man used the coal car, If Tesla made the juice disappear in a flash, it’ll probably reappear just as quickly. Now go left, into the next carriage, and then go to the next one. Now hand over the evidence to the ‘Times Reporter’. He said that if it had been the coal man, I’d heard we’d probably see coal footprints on the floor, instead of Prune Juice stains. How can someone last this long without going in the bathroom?

Now go left into the closest door to you. Now speak to the Camera man and hand him the evidence. He said that the prune juice probably came from D.C Washington. Now exit that room, and go to the room next to it. Now speak to Le Monde Reporter, and hand over the evidence. She said that Tesla has awful taste, not that there are any good options on the menu. Now go out of that and go left, into the next carriage. Now speak to Susan B. Anthony and give her the evidence. She says that it’s weird that he has never left his room, and only ordered room service.

Now go as far right as you can, until you see Le Monde Reporter standing with the luggage.  Tell her ‘That’s the problem!’ She replies saying ‘ I have an Idea, you dress up just like the porter, why not put the porters clothes on and bring Tesla a drink?’ Now go to the Porters cabin and go left and the pick up the porters suite. Now wear the suite. Now go to Tesla’s cabin. Give him a lot to drink so he needs the toilet. When he then goes to the toilet, go to his closet, on the left of the room and get out the luggage key.

Now go back to the luggage room and meet ‘Le Monde Reporter’ . You will now tell her who the thief is, well, at least who you think it is. now Le Monde Reporter will say that she’ll warn the security guards. She’ll now run off and get the security guards. She’ll now come back in about 5 seconds and everyone will be with her, Well, the security guard and an officer. Tesla will now start saying how it wasn’t him, while you take him through the carriage. When they’ve finally gone through the carriage, the security guard will then come up to you and say a few words, he tells you to return a device that he gives to you, to give to Mr. Edison. It’ll now automatically redirect you to Mr. Edison’s room. He’ll now speak about how Tesla and him are rivals, but didn’t think it’ll resolve in theft, he then says that there must be more to the story than just that, he’ll then say that he might not be the theft, apparently the camera was on when the theft stole it. We are now able to check who stole it by checking the camera’s history. You’ll then notice that the person standing in the camera video is not Tesla. Now click ‘Close’ on the video tape and you’ll be given an object, this object will say Tesla’ and it’ll go straight into your items box.

Now exit the room and go as far as you can right until you reach the carriage with the luggage in it. You’ll then notice that the top of the carriage is open, go up the door on the roof of the carriage. When it finally loads and you’re on top of the carriage, go as far as you can right, but beware, there are obstacles stopping you. When you have finally got to a wooden looking carriage, stop, there will be door on the roof where you’ll be able to get through into that carriage. When it has finally loaded, you’ll see Tesla, Click on him and ask ‘Can I help?’ , he’ll then reply saying ‘ Yes – do you have something to write with?’. Now go to your items and give him the pencil. When you have given him the pencil, he’ll reply saying ‘Here’s a sketch of what my cabin looked like when they locked me up. Go to my cabin and see if you can find anything different!’ . A sketch of the mans cabin will now go into your items box.

Now go to the next carriage and then the next carriage, by going left. When you are then in that carriage, go to the closest door to a room from where you just came from. When that room finally loads, open your items box and get out the sketch that Tesla looking man gave you. Now exit the room and go as far as you can left, into the next carriage and then go up that roof on the top, like we did the first time to get to Tesla . Now ask him, how did somebody open it? As someone opened his case. He’ll reply saying he doesn’t know as it was round his neck. Now exit the room again, and go to Erik Weisz’ cabin. You’ll then see Erik in that cabin and give him the evidence you have of the briefcase. He’ll now reply saying that the lock was picked by an expert, now exit the room and go left un-till you reach the ’Times Reporter’ who has a hat on his head. Now give him the briefcase evidence. He’ll reply saying that Erik is very suspicious, and will hand you a copy of the New York times. It’ll go straight into your items box. Now open your items box, and examine the news paper. It’ll describe Erik as being the master of escape. Now go back to Eriks cabin and hand him the evidence of the New York News paper… Wait, he’s gone but he left some lock piking evidence on the ground. Pick that up. now Erik should come back into the cabin, You’ll tell him how you know he’s the thief. He’ll now run away, chase after him. (He’ll open the roof above the cabin, and go onto the roof) Now chase after him on the roof, but remember there are obstacles. When you’ve finally done this, click on your items and click ‘Porter Suite’ and use the ‘Scissors’ to cut the bag. You’ll now see Erik in a fish tank, you have to save him and get him, a game will automatically load up. What you have to do is use the picks to lift each pin to the red line. In order to start click on one of the locks. On the left hand side of the screen, a fermometer looking object, shows you how much life/air Erik has.

When you’ve finally done this, Erik will disappear and tell you that you’ll find the thief with Tesla. Now, in order to escape, you have to go right, and through to the next carriage and then stop when you reach the luggage’s. Now go up on the roof again and go right, to  Tesla . Ask Tesla ‘Alright, What are you hiding?’. He’ll reply saying ‘Let me out of here, then I’ll talk!’. Now go to your items and get out the Lock Pick box, and let Tesla free. When you’ve done this, he’ll then give you a ‘transformer Sketch’. This’ll go straight into your items.

Now go left, beyond the luggage carriage and when you get to the second door of a pink carriage, go inside it. Now go left were you’ll see the sick scientist, Mark Twain. Give him the evidence of the sketch. He’ll now give you a new evidence what is a silhouetted man. Now exit the room and go left into the next carriage where you’ll then see the waiter. Giver her the clue that Mark Twain gave you. She’ll reply saying that he’s the Pinkerton Guard, and that he’s a ‘Tough Cookie’. Now go left, into the hay stack, then continue into the carriage about two after that. You’ll now see a man with a mustache and a chalkboard be hind him. He’ll say that he knew your were coming. You’ll now find out that he’s on the same mission you are and that he wants to look through his information with yours.

Now exit the room and go through six carriages and stop when you get to the Luggage carriage. Now get out your tools and  get your ‘Lock Key’ and open the green luggage which has prints on it. You’ll then notice and think, that the thief must be from France. Now go to the right carriage where you’ll see a man with a grey beard. Speak to him and give him the ‘French items from Trunk’. He’ll then reply saying that you’ve missed one important material.. The handkerchief is a ladies one. You’ll now think that it is ‘Le Monde reporter’. Now go left where you’ll see the reporter. She’ll say that the greatest fair will always be in Paris and that the Ferris wheel has broken down. Now go left into the next room where you’ll see Le Monde Reporter. She’ll say that her guards need to capture you.. So, they’ll try and capture you while you have to get past them. When you’ve finally got passed them, go left. You’ll now see some girls with pink poms. You can get past them by walking past them. You’ll now see an ‘Exit’ sign where you’ll see Le Monde Reporter. Jump on the rock monuments and then when you’ve done this, the guards will cut them down. Now go left into the next room where you’ll see Le Monde Reporter. When you get to were she was just standing, use to the rope which is on the right of you to get over to the other side. Now climb up the other rope where you’ll find your self on top of a house.. again. You’ll now see Le Mode Reporter throw the transformer off of the highest part. now, on the left of you , you should see some rope. Click on that rope and you’ll be able to catch the transformer. Now come of the rope where you’ll see Le Monde reporter right next to you. She’ll now jump off the top and land into a machine, now you go to the bottom of the place again, where you’ll give her the tranformer while she’s inside the machine.

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