Poptropica Cheats for Ghost Story Island

Hemlock Harbor is a town with a secret. Restless spirits are said to haunt its shores, but no one knows who they are, what they want — or how to get rid of them. Can you hunt the ghosts of Hemlock Harbor and uncover the mystery that will set them free?

Start off by going to your left and look in front of the Gingerbread House. Find the man and talk to him. He will give you salt. Now, keep going left until you arrive in the Hemlock Cemetery. A person will arrive and talk to you. He will leave a pamphlet. Then, talk to the man in the suit. Once he has finished talking, go to the left and talk to the kid. Ask him “Can I help?”. Go back to Main Street and go inside the Hemlock Herald. Go to the right of the room and talk to the lady. You will now be able to examine archives by going down into the archive room.

Once you’re down there, look to the right of the furnace. You will see a box with folders inside. Click on the box. When the folder appears, flip to the fourth page and Silas Moon will be highlighted on the list. Now, close out and exit the archive room. Exit the Herald and go back to Main Street. Now go all the way back to the Cemetery again. It will be all the way to the left. Once you’re there, find the kid again and talk to him. The kid will give you a key. When you have the key, go back to Main Street and keep going right.

Pass all of the advertisement rooms until you get to the Hemlock Inn. Enter the Inn, and go to the right and talk to the lady. Now go to the left and up the staircase. Enter room 2B. Click on the bed to take a nap. Wake up, and everything will start moving. When you can see your player again, click on the cabinet that is being blocked by the chair. Once the people pop out and talk to you, exit the room and go back downstairs. Go to the right until you see the piano. Next to the piano, you will see the violin. Click on it to put it into your backpack. Exit the Hemlock Inn and go to the right. Talk to the man with the beard. Once he leaves with the other man, click on his binoculars (in front of his tent.)

Now, go into your backpack and use the violin. Play it by moving your mouse left to right. When the progress level is full, you will notice activity going on in the attic of the building! Use your binoculars in your backpack and click on the top window. Jump on top of the tent, and then jump on the grassy rock to the right. Now go up and you will see an entrance door on the ground. Click on it, and then go down the set of stairs. Go left and climb the other stairs. The bottom half will fall into pieces. Go to the left and get next to the smallest box that you see.

Push the boxed to the right until the large box is under the upper half of the stair case. You will now be able to jump from the boxed to the upper half of the staircase. Once you get up, go to the right and click on the telescope. close out of it, and a lady will appear! When you’re done talking to her, exit the abandoned building by going out the same way that you came in. Now, go left all the way back to Main Street. Go inside the Gingerbread House and talk to the lady. Say “Fiona sent me.” You will now receive a thermal scanner, an EMF detector, a thermometer, and a camera.

Look to the table on the right and click on the plate with food. You will now have the Hot Cross Buns. Exit the Gingerbread House and go the left, all the way to the Cemetery again. Click on the gates with the letters “H” on them. You will now have to go through a maze. Use the map at the top right corner of your screen to direct yourself. The place you will need to be is near the upper left of your map. The gates will be lettered “A”. Go through the gates and go to the right. Jump on top of the large grave and get up on the hill. You will see a lady that will tell you to hide. A man will appear, and you will have to use your camera when the icon flashes on your screen.

To use the camera, move your mouse around until you see the man. A picture will be taken of him. When you have the picture, go back to the gates and click on the orange “H” icon on your map. Go back through the H gates to exit the Cemetery. Now go right to Main Street and go inside of the Herald. Talk to the lady, and then use the picture that you just took with your camera to show her proof. She will reward you with fifty dollars. Now, you need to deposit it. Exit the Herald and go to the left.

Enter the Bank. Go right and talk to the receptionist behind the counter. Now keep going right and go down into the bank vault. You will see a police officer. Talk to him and use the fifty dollar bill. Once the money is deposited, you will notice something going on under the floor! Use your thermal scanner and look underground. You will see a ghost. Exit the bank vault and the bank. Go right until you are in front of the Herald. Talk to the people that are holding newspapers. Click on the stack of newspapers to read it. Close out and let the man in the suit talk to you.

Keep going right until you find the shore that the ship just appeared on. Talk to the man on the shore, and give him the Room B Key. Get on his boat and enter the door. You will be able to use the boat to move places. Go to the upper right and find the abandoned prison. Click on the Dock so that you can go inside of it. Walk up the stairs and enter. Use your EMF detector and go to the right until you find the elevator. Use the elevator to go to the H level. Now go right until you find Warden’s Office.

Go inside of the office and use your hot cross buns. Talk to the ghost that appears next to you. When he’s done talking, exit the office and go to the right and use the elevator again. This time, go to the D level and head right until you find the cell with the number 8 above it. Click on the cell. You will be locked in. Push his bed to the right to unveil an escape. Enter the escape hole and equip your thermal scanner when you are in the tunnel. Move your mouse to the upper right until you see the ghost.

Follow the path through the tunnel, and pick up the sardines, pickaxe, and note to prisoner along the way. Find the prisoner and click on him to start talking. Now, go back the way you came through the tunnel. When you arrive back in the cell, use for pickaxe to escape his cell. When you’re out, use the elevator to go back to level A. Exit through the doors and go back to the boat. Guide your boat to the lighthouse, which is to the mid left of the ocean. Dock the boat and head up to the entrance of the lighthouse. You will get a torch.

Enter into the house and equip your torch. You will now have to get through one of the hardest parts of this island. Carefully walk up the stairs, and crouch after each move. There will be gusts of wind that can knock you off the stairs if you are not crouched. The trick is to make small moves right after the wind has passed, and stay crouched. Keep using this method as you go up the stairs. There will be openings as you move along, so make sure that you jump. When you get to the top, you will see a rope. Climb up the rope and click on the platform to the right.

Equip your EMF detector and then use your thermometer. You will notice damaged pipes against the wall. Climb up then and exit up to the rooftop. Go to the right on the rooftop and click on the search light. Direct it towards the abandoned prison. Now, jump off the rooftop of the lighthouse and return to the boat. Use the boat to go back to the shore that you started off at. It is at the bottom. When you arrive, your thermal scanners will go off. Return to your boat and go back to the lighthouse. Go inside, and you will see a floating torch moving up the stairs! Don’t worry, this time you won’t have to crouch or worry about gusts of wind knocking you down.

Go up the rope again and get on the platform to the right. You will see a ghost! Click on him and he will talk. Exit the lighthouse and go back to your boat again. Guide your boat all the way north (up) and look for the sunken boat. Examine the wreckage, and you will receive a locket. Use your boat to go back to the main shore. Jump on top of the tent and rock again to get to the abandoned building again. Use the ground entrance and make your way up to the attic again. You will have to move the boxes again to jump up onto the staircase.

Get all the way up to the attic, and go left. You will notice a bedroom. Jump on the platform and talk to the lady. When you give her the items, jump down from the platform and pick up the scrapbook. Exit the building the same way you came in. Head left to Main Street and go past the Herald. You will see a fountain with a bird at the top. Click on the bird, and then use your sardines. The bird will fly away. Jump to the top of the fountain and click on the nest. You will find a ring. Go left to the Cemetery and enter through the H gate. Use your map to navigate to the top right corner of the cemetery. A new B gate will open up. Go through the new gate and go right until you see the wooden doors.

When you’re in there, talk to the older man. Use the ring. He will tell you about it. Now, exit the room and go back to the gates. Exit the B gate and click on the H gate on your map. When you’re back at the Cemetery, go right to Main Street and enter the Herald. Go right and enter the room with the archives. Past the furnace, there will be a computer. Click on it to use it. You will need to click on the handles and spin them until the display year changes to 1929.

A newspaper will appear, and will inform you to go to Lot A of the Cemetery. Exit the archive room and go back to Main Street. Go left to the Cemetery again and go through the gates. Click on the A gate on your map. Go through the gate, and when you arrive in the room, make your way to the upper left by jumping on the graves and grass hills. You will see a large grave and casket.

The top of the casket will not be sealed, and you will go down a ladder. Another maze will have to be solved. To solve it, use your map and go down, left, and up. Most of this will have to be done on your own, because it is difficult to explain. You will know when you solved the maze when you find the secret ladder! This ladder will be in a different location than the one you came down with. Go up the new ladder, and hide so that the “ghost” doesn’t see you. Surprise the ghost and follow him down the ladder. When you get to the room again, jump up to the upper right. You will see him next to a grave.

Talk to him, and the whole mystery of the island will unveil! You will get your Ghost Story Island Meddlion.

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    Hi! I’m going to answer questions that have been posted! Firstly, Someone confused, the story line is: (I suggest annyone who dosen’t want to know what happens in the end of the island, please stop reading until next answer!) Anyway, the story line is: Fiona, (Ghost) loves Valient (Sailor that was on board the sunken ship. Ghost), and Valient loves Fiona so they get together. But the magistrate (Flatbottom. Alive.) loves fiona. So he comes to her grave as Deogen (Or whatever his name is) to lay the rose when she dies, and still does. (He dresses up so nobody reconises him.) Later on Fiona dies and Valient dies to, In the boat when it crashed. So Fiona and Valient, at the end go on and rest in peace, and all is forgiven. The ring I’m pretty sure Fiona put in the fountain as a sign of respect? So at the end Valient and Fiona go off together to rest in peace and so do the other ghosts, and everyone lives happily ever after. P.s. Fiona, the old girl in the window is the younger looking girls ghost at the grave in the last scene who goes off with Valient! She just makes herself look old so you won’t reconise her as the young ghost girl in the phanflit! P.P.s. I hope it helped!
    Cuddly Bear. Ghost story island will come out on the 13th! (It does that with every new island thats coming out for non-members!) Hope this helped!
    Pengu. Theres nothing to be scared of, all the ‘Ghosts’ just look like people who have been phantomized. (That means: You know that item in pop shop, Pahntom, thats all that they look like, People that have phantom! So nothing to be scared of!)
    Silver Club. I have no idea what the violin sond is called, I even tried looking it up. Didn’t work. Sorry…
    P.s. No offence, but people that don’t get the ‘how to do ghost story island’ Text at the top before the comments are kinda…. Well….Stupid? or… silly?
    P.P.s. Poptropica is Awesome, I’m the only one who plays in my class, everyone in my class used to, but then someone found out a game called ‘Cool Maths Games’ and everyone plays it now! I hate that game! Poptropica is AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And will always be! Poptropicans Rock!
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  127. Fiona

    I think this is how it goes… (I think)…

    Well,, The real Fiona (the young teenage person) was in love with some person and they ran away but then they died on a sunken ship. Therefore they are now RIP somewhere in that graveyard. But, the fake Fiona, who you saw at near the start of the island who told you to go to Jade the baker, was the fake one, but the fake one who was the one who said “Looking 4 someone”, she was the ghost in diguise, the young fiona who was the real fiona disguised herself old and went into that house where she was named inhabitor: “lady in the window”
    So, I think basically there was one fiona, the young one and the also old one. The young once who died on that boat thing, wanted to go back (or something :D ) and so she turned herself old.

    Sorry if you dont understand I’m gust trying to ,,,, help you <33333
    I had a hard time typing this up myself… very confusing,,,,,, ehh? <3

    HOPE THIS HELPEDDDDDDDD <3,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  128. Fiona

    Ok so you understand?
    It’s kinda just the same: A hint…
    Anyone noticed this?

    When you went into the hotel and talked to that red head lady she told you she had some “BUSINESS TO ATTEND TO” and then she went in your room and started moving furniture with her husband.

    Now, with the fake fiona aka lady in the window who you talked to when she signed you to come into her house ,,,, wen you asked her what she was doing and yikes! and stuff she said:



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