Poptropica: Poptropolis Games Details!

The creators at Poptropica have given us some more details about Poptropolis Games. This island will have many adventures, and many things to explore. It will first start out with members only (as all the other islands), and later on will become an all player island.

Here’s what Poptropica says about this island,

The city of Poptropolis rises from the sea once every 100 years to host a tournament devoted to proving tribal supremacy. In Poptropolis Games, you’ll choose a tribe to represent, and compete in several track and field events in pursuit of the championship. It won’t be easy!

Wow! Sounds awesome. Look at this picture below of it, as I said above, there are lots of things to explore!

This island is going to be awesome. Check back on Poptropica Guides soon for more details about this coming soon island. You can also visit the Potropolis Games info page for more information.

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