Poptropica S.O.S. Island Coming Soon!

Wow, Ghost Story Island has only been out for a week, and Captain Crawfish from the Poptropica Creators’ Blog has already announced a new island – S.O.S. Island!

S.O.S. Island is a gripping tale of survival at sea.

We can already assume that S.O.S. island will be about surviving an accident or event at sea. A trailer, release date, and more will be coming soon. Remember to check out our Poptropica Cheats for S.O.S. Island page that will be updated every time we get more details about the island.

11 Responses to “Poptropica S.O.S. Island Coming Soon!”

  1. amy34

    I think that S.O.S Island is going to be the best poptropica game on the map.

  2. MTM

    When is SOS Island coming out (especially for non-members)? Hopefully it isn’t a LONG time?

  3. clairnelson

    ^^^ the same ^^^^ qustion as ^^^^ that person ^^^^

  4. rogerzhao

    I want the next island to be about fairy tale

  5. lolipop

    i love me not you

  6. Olive

    WHEN IS IT COMIN’ OUT FOR NON-MEMBERS?? I really want to know. Wait- did you guys not actually say it yet or am I just slow….? I’ll go check! :)

  7. Olive

    OK, so I checked a BUNCH of sites, but they say it’s already out. When I go on poptropica, it’s not out yet. Can someone give me some help? Thanx! :/ :) :/

  8. cassie

    awsome sos island is cool im a member call my name on poptropica

  9. Sierra

    I have waited long enough! When is it coming out?!

  10. amycharlotte1

    iv’e been checking every day for this to come out and it says its coming out on the 16th and thats today, but its still not coming out?!

  11. katrione432


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