Poptropica Ghost Story Island Sneak Peek

I recently made a post about an official¬†announcement¬†for Poptropica’s upcoming island – Ghost Story Island. As expected, we will begin to see new sneak peeks of this island. We will also give out details as the time gets closer to the release of this island. The first sneak peek for Ghost Story was given to us on the Poptropica Creators’ Blog. Here it is:

Hmm, this picture is interesting! I want to point out two things in this picture. First, you have probably already noticed the difference of the Poptropica character. It appears to be in the form of a ghost. This means that players will most likely get the chance to dress up in the form of a ghost during Ghost Story Island. It could also become a gold card on Poptropica. The next thing you will notice in the picture is the green detector near the bottom left corner. What do you think this could be? My best guess is that it will be a tool to help you out along the island…

For now, this is all of the information we know about Ghost Story Island! We will keep you updated on all recent Poptropica Ghost Story Island news.

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  1. N6ohem

    i think the meter is a ghost meter

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